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    Raised Bookcase Strip  



    Commonly called "Top Hat" section because of its raised centre section, this strip is specifically designed for surface fitting. Its low profile and fewer fixing holes per length make it an attractive and lower cost alternative to the traditional inlaid strip design. The wide flanges also allow other fitting methods such as spot welding to be utilised, making the design suitable for installation within steel cabinets.

    Note: When using surface mounted raised bookcase strip, shelves must be a minimum of 7mm shorter overall than the internal width of the cabinet.

    Support Studs

    The raised bookcase strip  is capable of taking two different styles of shelf support studs. The raised studs , or the double raised studs .
    Note: When the  single stud is used, wooden shelves can be secured in place by adding fixing screws to the underside of each shelf. The most suitable screws for this are the No.6 round head or No.4 countersunk head screws.



    Flat Bookcase Strip

    Traditional bookcase strip design for flush fitting by inserting into a pre-machined stepped groove. Standard stepped cutters are available to simplify the preparation process. The preferred choice of craftsmen. The design has the advantage of allowing the shelves to fit flush to the inside faces of the shelving bay.

    Support Studs

    The flat bookcase strip is capable of taking two different styles of shelf support studs. The single slot fixing flat studs , or the much higher load bearing two slot fixing double flat studs 




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    On all our products, we provide a 28 day return policy. Items cannot returned after 28 days.

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    All products will be shipped within 24 hours after the order is accepted.

    Estimated Delivery: 3-5 business days.

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