Eclisse Telescopic Single

Eclisse Telescopic Single


A single telescopic pocket door system that allows two doors to disappear into the same pocket providing a wider passage width.

Imagine opening up and closing off different areas of your layout in an instant, with doors that are there when you need them, and slide into a pocket in the wall when you don’t. Telescopic pocket door systems provide you with the widest possible opening for the shortest wall space.

A single telescopic pocket door system allows two door panels to slide back into the same pocket in the wall. Combine this with an Eclisse synchronization device and your doors will slide into the frame smoothly and simultaneously. The system is supplied with a comprehensive timber lining kit (jambs) to finish the installation perfectly.

Note: This single telescopic pocket door system fits two 762 x 1981 door panels. For other sizes call our Customer Services Team on 0121 285 2665


  • Product Information

    • Complete with full wooden jamb kit for a professional finish.
    • Maintenance-free track and runners.
    • Runners are tested to 100,000 cycles (that’s around 25 years of average use!) 
    • Fully adjustable front and rear doorstop. 
    • Anti-warp door profile
    • Self-centering door guide
    • Doors, plasterboard and final architrave not included. 
    • 12 year guarantee on the complete Eclisse steel pocket system
    • 180mm wall thickness required





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