Iseo Libra Electronic Smart Cylinder & Turn.

Iseo Libra Electronic Smart Cylinder & Turn.


The end of panicking when you’ve forgotten your keys

Often associated with vehicles, keyless door entry is also changing the way we access buildings and interact with public and private spaces. This convenient and time-saving technology is designed to make life easier.

The ISEO Libra Smart Cylinder lock lets you open your front door using just your phone, and can even let in guests when you’re not home. The ISEO Libra Smart Cylinder lock works via Bluetooth and will open the door from the following devices smartphones, smartwatches, cards and other accessories, thanks to the Argo App which is free to download.

  • Product Information

    The latest generation of access control

    The electronic ISEO Libra Smart Cylinder is the new innovative access control system totally conceived, developed and manufactured in Italy. It is the ideal solution for residential, commercial, industrial and public buildings.
    The ergonomic shape and luminous indicator allow for a simple and user-friendly operation by every kind of user. Thanks to the streamline, aesthetic design.

    Open, control and manage entries

    You can open all doors fitted with the Libra cylinder by ISEO, even from a distance, using your smartphone and the Argo App. Let in whoever you want, wherever you want, even temporarily, with the Argo App, checking the times and dates of access. Argo records the last 1000 entries. You can open doors with smartphones, smartwatches, cards and other accessories, thanks to the Argo App. Free to download.

    Keyless entry for your home

    • No need to worry about your keys – open with your smartphone or smartwatch
    • Open remotely, from up to 10 m away
    • Authorise relatives and workers to enter even when you’re not at home
    • Monitor any unauthorised attempts to open the door
    • Quick lockout option in case of a security concern


    Keyless entry for your Business

    • Allow only selected persons to enter reserved areas, including for pre-set periods of time
    • Change permissions as necessary
    • Check who has entered, where and when: you can view the last 1000 entries
    • Manages up to 300 users


    Keyless entry for hotels and B&B

    • Customers enter with their smartphone
    • Eliminate the risk of stolen or lost keys
    • Manage entries according to check-in and check-out





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