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  • Product Information


    Features & Benefits

    SliplockTM is a trade SliplockTM Window Restrictor – SBC400

    • mark of Securefast
    • The window restrictor has a metal cable

    securely fixed between two robust metal units

    • The restrictor locks by sliding the detachable

    unit over a back plate fixed to the window


    • Frame unit is fixed securely to the frame

    Securefast unobtrusive SliplockTM Window Restrictor is designed for safety, and to reduce the risk of falling out of a window. It can be fitted to doors to deter forced access from unwanted visitors.



    Part Number

    SBC400/WE- Sliplock with Key - White SBC410/WE- Sliplock with Push Button – White SBC400/KEY – Pack of 5 Spare Keys

    • Fixings Supplied- 5 x Self Tapping Screws 4.2mm x 25mm
    • Option of key or push button operation Certification

    BS EN 13126-5 : 2011
    BS EN 14351-1 : 2006 + A1 : 2010

    The SliplockTM window restrictor is suitable for
    the home, public properties, and commercial applications. Perfect for buildings such as care • homes, hotels, nurseries, schools, universities
    and hospitals. The SliplockTM window restrictor is • ideal for all properties looking to prevent
    accidents and provide improved safety and
    additional security for opening windows and • doors.

    giving restriction by length of cable and positioning on the frame
    Features a dedicated key to release the locking case

    Casing slides off the back plate once unlocked to allow full access to the window when needed for maintenance
    Classified as child safety restrictor due to limited opening

     Successfully achieved Grade 3 rating for ‘Safety in use’ and Grade 7 rating for ‘Application Grade’

    BS EN 13126-5 : 2011 Building Hardware for • Window and Door Height Windows. Devices that
    restrict the opening of windows and door height • windows.

    BS EN 14351-1 : 2006 + A1 : 2010 Windows and • doors. Product standard, performance
    characteristics. Windows and external pedestrian
    door sets without resistance to fire and/or smoke • leakage characteristics

    Durability Grade 5, successfully completed 25,000 cycle test
    Withstood a 500N load being applied for 60 seconds in the direction of the window opening

    Achieved Grade 1 impact rating where a 50kg load was ped from a height of 200mm and the unit remained engaged Restrictor cord remained intact after being subjected to 3600N of pressure being applied at 100N/s via a movable punch


  • Return & Refund Policy

    On all our products, we provide a 28 day return policy. Items cannot returned after 28 days.

  • Shipping Info

    All products will be shipped within 24 hours after the order is accepted.

    Estimated Delivery: 3-5 business days.

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